What a summer

Most people who know me know I’ve been undergoing treatment for adrenal cancer. Had my first surgery June 1st where they removed a 710 gram tumor. That is nearly a pound. After that they ablated a lesion on my liver and took out a third of my right lung. Now I’m doing oral chemotherapy as a precaution. I’m doing ever so much better now.

Fair warning! This next part is a little gross. Please leave if you don’t like icky talk or semi-gross pics.

A couple of weeks after my first big surgery, my incision opened a little and started draining copious amounts of fluid. I went to the ER and while this wasn’t ideal, they said it wasn’t necessarily bad and that I should keep gauze on it and change it frequently and the incision would close by itself. I didn’t know how as I had a gaping two inch hole in my side but it didn’t hurt so I stocked up on gauze and micropore tape and moved along.

It has taken all summer and into fall for the hole to close but it looks like this is almost done. I’ll be able to swim again!


10 days after surgery, June 11, a few days before the incision opened up

July 3rd

Today, 24 September. I’ve got maybe a couple of days left before it’s completely closed.



One thought on “What a summer

  1. Skin is amazing how it heals itself! Glad you are doing better and that you are feeling more yourself.
    A refupea smokey2371 ( formally Mackeysmom)

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