Sun Tea

sun tea in “upcycled” one gallon pickle jars

It’s finally warm enough here to get my pickle jars out of the back corner of the cabinet. Sun tea is just something special and I look forward to it every year. I make my tea the same way every time:

  • 1 gallon pickle jar filled with cold water
  • 3 Luzianne family sized tea bags
  • 2 small bags of 100% spearmint leaf tea

I’ve had these pickle jars for about twelve years. When we lived in the Azores, our landlord ran a small coffee and sandwich place and the pickle jars were from his cafe business. They were in the house when we moved in and we took them when we left. I’ve lost one of the lids so I just use a square of foil to keep the bugs out. I’ve thought about getting spigot jars to make my tea but now I can say my jars are “upcycled” instead.


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