Volumized Wrap – quick lunch

Quick post on how to convert a sandwich to a volumized wrap. This wrap, which I had for lunch today, was fantastic. I’m not saying it was good for a low-cal wrap. It was delicious, full stop.

Sandwich – 475 calories total

  • 2 slices bread – 220 calories
  • mayo – 57 calories
  • slice of cheese – 105 calories
  • deli ham – 2 oz serving 80 calories
  • lettuce – 5 calories
  • tomato – 8 calories

Volumized Wrap – 158 calories

  • 1 low carb tortilla – 80 calories
  • spring greens – 5 calories
  • sliced bell pepper – 5 calories
  • chopped cucumber, onion, and dill salad – 15 calories
  • tomato – 8 calories
  • chopped deli ham – 2 tbsp chopped – 20 calories
  • smear of cream cheese – 25 calories

Calorie savings = 317 calories

I make my cucumber salad in a medium dice so that I can either eat it with a fork as a side dish or spoon it on a wrap like a chunky relish or slaw. It’s the same taste as my grandma’s cucumber salad but dicing the vegetables makes it more versatile for me. In case you’re wondering, the recipe I use is 1 diced cucumber, one small diced onion, a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, dried or fresh dill, 1 tsp sugar, plenty of salt, and pepper to taste. Mix and refrigerate for a few hours to get the best flavor.


One thought on “Volumized Wrap – quick lunch

  1. I am very excited to try your cucumber salad. I might go make some now so it will be ready for dinner!

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