Civilization is rather fantastic

My sister and her family just moved close to us a couple of weeks ago. We are about equidistant from San Francisco with us to the north and them to the south. I spent a few minutes checking the events calendar at the SF Chronicle, clicked the box for “kid-friendly” and came up with 1/2 dozen things that appealed to my kids this weekend alone. I sent my sister the list and we let the kids pick what they wanted to do.  So we’re spending our Saturday on a nature quest at the Presidio. Oh, and it’s free. That wasn’t even a deciding factor, just a sweet-ass bonus.

I hope it doesn’t rain but even if it does, we’ll still go. After living in the barren wasteland we lived in, having so many things to choose from makes me a little giddy. I mean, when the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Round-Up is the best thing going for months to come — Watch people decapitate snakes! Check out snake heads in jars of mystery juice! Eat fried snake! Buy tchotchkes made from bits of snake! — I find this living in civilization thing a little intoxicating.

I will be taking the camera and I will be taking an obscene number of pictures. And nature questing. YES!


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