Thumbs up for the Fat Cats ruler!

***Note*** Several people are finding this post by searching for “template of the fat cat ruler.” But the fat cat ruler exists because people were tired of using templates to make trapezoids. So you want a template for a ruler which replaces a template? I don’t understand the internet.***End Note***

I usually don’t like rulers that do just one thing but I got an itch to make another New Wave Quilt from the Oh, Fransson pattern. The first time I made one I used a template and cut around all for all those trapezoids. Saw a shortcut posted later using the Fat Cats ruler and I decided if I ever made another New Wave I was not doing it without that ruler. It took forever to cut all those trapezoids using the template.

I ordered the ruler a couple of weeks ago and now that I’m done with my Quilts for Kids quilts I was ready to try out my new ruler. Holy moly. I cut out enough trapezoids for a twin-sized quilt in less than fifteen minutes using that ruler. I’m going to do this one in white, pink, and black with the sashing solid black Kona cotton. Or maybe pink sashing. I am worried the black will not contrast enough with the rows of dark fabric. Maybe bright pink would stand out better. I still haven’t auditioned the sashing yet so we’ll see. Either way it will be very graphic and bold and I can’t wait to start piecing it.


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