Rebirth of a Woobie

A friend of mine sent me a facebook message out of the blue. It was a picture of an Irish Chain quilt and the question: Can you make one of these for me? Irish Chain is pretty simple – just squares – and while I don’t usually sew quilts for money, I said yes. Turns out her son’s woobie is quite literally falling apart. She’s repaired it as many times as she can and it’s just too far gone and could I possibly make a replacement? I would be honored!

We messaged back and forth and I made sure to tell her that it would be impossible to get the same fabric as the original woobie. Since I hadn’t seen it yet, I suggested one of two ways to handle it. We could either emulate the color scheme or we could emulate the theme of the original quilt. Like if it was bugs or spaceships or sports, we could find new fabric with the same theme and recreate a woobie that would remind him of the original.  When she sent me the picture our decision turned out to be easier than I thought. There were no loud and specialized novelty prints and we managed to find a close facsimile of the dark blue cosmic print of the original.

The original quilt was tied and the “bumpies” were especially important to her little guy. But in my opinion, the main reason the woobie was disintegrating so fast was because the quilt was tied. Without quilting to secure the three layers, the repeated washings had shredded the batting and allowed the quilt to wear out. My advice was to quilt it and add the bumpies just for show. Otherwise we were wasting our time making a new quilt because it would shred in the wash, too.

It’s finally done and I’ll be doing a custom listing on Etsy for it but here is the original woobie:

And here is the new replacement woobie:

I hope he enjoys his new woobie. I had a lot of fun making it.


2 thoughts on “Rebirth of a Woobie

  1. Wow, that turned out amazingly like the original blanket. We have a blankie at our house, so I know exactly what that woman is going through. Ours is 30 years – made from squares of flannel. I have replaced over 50% of those squares, as they disintegrated.

    Great job!

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