Does homemade jelly save you money? Who cares! It’s delicious.

My mom has been making jellies and jams for as long as I can remember. Her low-sugar strawberry jam is to die for and when there is “Gammy Jelly” in the house, my kids refuse to eat anything else on their sandwiches. I asked her to teach me how to make jelly and since she was in town last month, that’s what we did. We gathered some wild plums from a friend’s yard and made the most spectacular wild plum jelly. It’s heavenly.

Next on my list was pomegranate. It’s one of my favorite flavors but the kind without corn syrup is expensive. I knew I could make it from just pomegranate juice like Pom or some other brand but during a trip to Drug Emporium (Abilene’s dusty, decrepit, illy-stocked answer to Whole Foods) I found this:

The label said to dilute one cup of concentrate to 5 cups of water. Even though this bottle cost $12.59, diluted properly it would be far cheaper than a jug of Pom. My estimates say this will make 25 or so cups of pomegranate juice, enough for ~48 jars of jelly.

I used the Certo recipe so cost for my jelly will be:

  • $7.69 for jars and lids
  • $3.50 for the Certo (it takes two envelopes of gel)
  • $3.00 for the sugar
  • $2.03 for the pomegranate juice

Total cost : $16.22 / 8 jars = $2.02 per jar

Amazon has pure, no corn syrup pomegranate jelly for $5.59 a jar.

But even if the cost was the same, I’d still make my own jelly now and then. We’ve got 6 jars of wild plum left and the 8 jars of pomegranate I made last night. Our PB&J sandwiches will be out of this world for many weeks to come.


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