One Week in Sewing

Someone remarked to me that I seem to sew an awful lot and I told her I did but I didn’t think it was awful!  Sitting at my sewing machine almost every night helps pass the time.  I’m so glad I have something I love to occupy the time that I’d otherwise waste watching TV and missing my husband. Deployment Coping Strategy Number One – STAY BUSY!  I’ve taken that to heart.

A typical week in sewing for me:

Monday is shipping day. Any orders I’ve finished over the weekend go out in Monday’s mail. Thankfully, the mail carrier picks up my outgoing packages right from my front door. I schedule pick up and pay postage online and it’s made shipping orders so much easier. Monday and Tuesday nights, I sew for myself. There is normally a quilt project or two that I have to work on and after the kids are in bed is my time to work on those. Unless it’s the 4th Tuesday of the month – that’s my bunco night!

If I’m lucky, Wednesday will bring new fabrics to my house. I place a fabric order almost every week and my package usually arrives Wednesday. I open the packages, caress the new fabrics, and toss them in the wash.  Then in the evening, it’s me, TiVo, my iron, and my new fabrics. Somehow vegging in front of the TV doesn’t feel quite so lazy if I’m ironing new fabrics while I watch.

Thursdays I cut out any orders that I need to sew that weekend. If I have time, I’ll start the sewing that night. Sometimes the fabrics are so pretty I can’t make myself wait. Consequently, I’ve spent far too many Thursday nights up late when I just can’t bring myself to stop working on a project.

Fridays I order fabric if I need to. I don’t always have to place an order but if I get a request for a custom apron, then I always order on Fridays. And if some other beautiful fabrics just happen to jump in my cart, what can I say? My favorite place to order is but I also like Hancocks of Paducah. Both have really good customer service and ship fast. If there is a line they don’t carry, I’ll hop over to Sew Mama Sew since they seem to carry the bright modern prints I like best.  Friday nights are usually busy. This deployment, we’ve had something going on nearly every single Friday. Supper club, ladies night, you name it.  My sewing machine usually rests on Fridays.

Saturdays and Sundays I sew whatever needs to be shipped on Monday. I finish, photograph, package and label all the aprons, contact my customers with pics and final totals, and then get ready to start again on Monday!


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