Super-Cheery Retro Apron

I made this for a dear friend and although I am pretty sure she’ll love it, I do too and I’m sad to see it go. Luckily, I have an apron of my own using these very same fabrics.   I’ve been selling more and more of this style and I thought a post with some close-up pictures of the apron detailing would be nice to share.  They are details of construction I’d look at if I was shopping for an apron and since my online customers cannot pick up and look at any of my work, pictures are the next best thing. Enjoy!

First, the full front view:

The bib detail with rick-rack:

A close-up of the bib:

Ruffle detail – the ruffle is highlighted with coordinating bias trim:

View of the apron lining:

Lining detail:

The ruffle and bias trim taper on both sides and the waist ties are attached underneath the ruffle so the apron wears smoothly at the waist:

Lastly, the ties are extra-long and can be tied behind or in front in case you like tucking a towel into the waistband of your apron for extra protection:


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