I am afraid. The carcass is missing.

I’m at the end of my garage clean-up and I was sorting the pile of clothes destined for Goodwill out of the bag from the garage (I don’t want to donate anything that I am not 100% sure is clean) when a giant furry spider ran across the floor. There was a moment of shrieking, panic, and furious stomping in which I am 99.999% sure I flattened the spider into a wafer. This spider was BIG – like big as a silver dollar – and I felt it crunch under my shoe even though it was under a towel or a shirt or something. I figure when I sort the rest of the laundry, the spider will shake out and I can get rid of it.

I sorted the laundry into my hampers (I have four of them) and when I got to the bottom of the pile, there was no carcass. Not even a stray leg. Which leaves only two possibilities: the spider either survived and limped away unnoticed or he is stuck to the towel or shirt or whatever. Either way, AACK! I do not want to clean spider carcass out of the lint trap and I shudder to think he might be laying in wait under the dryer, ready to make a run for it when I’m in there in my bare feet.

I really hate spiders.


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