Making our lives easier

I’ve been looking for someone to clean for a long time but the options here are limited. I don’t like using a big chain because I’d rather use a local business or hire an individual. I don’t have an office full of people to consult for references and most of my lady friends are stay home moms; the word-of-mouth referral I hoped to get never happened. So I took the plunge and called a few people who had listings on Craig’s List and I’m interviewing two people this week.

If I worked away from home, I don’t think I’d do it this way but I’ll be here in the house when they come every week and somehow I feel safer even though it might be a little awkward to be home when they clean. The bonus is that they are far less expensive than what I was used to paying in Tucson so instead of bi-weekly, I’ll be able to afford a weekly visit. With DH deploying soon, it’s going to be such a relief to have that hired out. I might actually get to rest and have fun with the boys on the weekends instead of cramming a week’s worth of housecleaning into two frenzied days. I’m so looking forward to this. I’ve missed having a pleasant Other Tuesday ever since we moved here. (My folks in Tucson came every Other Tuesday!)


One thought on “Making our lives easier

  1. I know the feeling! After Patrick left, I went it alone (with the Fly Lady’s help) for a few years. But when I started work again – out of the house – it didn’t take long to realize that we needed help again. I went back to the service we got Patrick from, but I’m not happy with their work; not the speed or the depth. So when a local listserv had some recommendations, I started calling. The couple (wife and husband) who are here right now are soooo going to get hired! He’s in the living room doing the blinds and the windows while she’s upstairs in the bathroom.

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