The root of my apron obsession

You know how one event can start a chain reaction that ends miles away and hasn’t a thing to do with the first event?  Well, that’s not the case here.  I cook a lot.  I always have.  And I’m a dreadfully messy cook.  My best friend used to follow me in the kitchen, fitfully wiping and cleaning behind me.  When she got done cooking in her kitchen, it looked as if no one had set foot in it.  When I get done cooking in mine, it looks like a disaster zone with every surface in need of wiping, every pan in the house in need of cleaning, and every cupboard door in need of closing.

Because I’m a wreck in the kitchen and because they are so much handier for wiping fingers than my pants are, I’ve always worn an apron.  I picked up a three-pack of plain chefs aprons from Sam’s Club when I was a newlywed.  They were red poly/cotton blend and I used them daily for nearly fifteen years.  When they started falling completely apart showing their age,  I looked around for some new aprons but none of them were exactly what I wanted and I figured if I could make quilts, a kick-ass dinosaur costume, and pajamas for my kids, I could make an apron.

I scouted around for a pattern and found one I sort of liked but when I read the directions they didn’t make sense.  I modified it a little and ended up with something that’s easy to sew and very functional.  I posted my altered instructions in a tutorial on and while I was happy with the aprons I made, I got to poking around Etsy and other websites and started coveting the cute retro aprons I saw and again, I figured I had the skills to make one myself. I confess I love Etsy but mostly as a place to swipe ideas for things I’d like to make myself. I saw a sign at a craft fair once that said, “Sure you COULD make one yourself, but WILL you?”  If I really like it, the answer is yes.And so began my apron obsession.  Making them for myself has been fun but honestly, there are only so many aprons a girl needs so now I’m sewing them for others more and more and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet.

My favorites:

McCalls M3979

posted by flickr user carbonated

Retro Apron, pattern by Cindy Taylor Oates

I haven’t made one of these yet but I want to. The Emmeline reversible halter apron:

posted by flickr user AguaSol

Happy Sewing and Bon Apetit!


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