Timmy the Cat Goes Shopping

My youngest son brought Timmy home with him from preschool, beside himself with excitement over where we might get to take Timmy. We had to take him with us, take his picture, and journal about our adventures. We decided our weekly trip to the Farmer’s Market was the perfect outing for our little flat friend.

We are growing green zucchini but I like to buy an occasional basket of yellow zucchini to punch up the color in some of our meals.  The little round squash on the right are cueball squash.  Very tasty!

Which one should we pick?

Timmy is checking out the Armenian Yard-Long cucumbers here.  They are the light green ones on the right. We are growing these but haven’t harvested any yet. They are crisp, sweet, and don’t need to be peeled if you pick them early enough. They do get really long but if you don’t pick them when they are smaller, they will be really tough.


2 thoughts on “Timmy the Cat Goes Shopping

  1. OMG he looks so much like you! I hadn’t seen photos since he was like 1 1/2. He’s just so big now!

    Timmy the cat is pretty cute too

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