Grocery Project – 6/27/09

This was an unusual week for us.  The chickens were ready for pickup at the Farmer’s Market so I had to drag a cooler to pick them (and our feet!) up this weekend. The fifteen chickens we bought will last at least until November when we’ll pick up a second order along with our holiday turkey. Buying twice a year is pretty convenient although it was tough to find space in the freezer for all those birds so soon after we picked up our beef. The freezer is crammed full, that’s for certain. It feels strange, but unless we find a source for organic pork, we won’t be buying any meat at all for another six months or so.

I also skipped HEB and United Market this week since we are pulling more out of our garden and we’re stocked up on most of our staples.  I just stopped by the commissary to restock a few things and we’re good for the week. I don’t even think we’ll need to make a produce run this week since we’re going to a couple of barbecues this weekend and won’t be eating at home very much.


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