Fate of a Chicken, Part 1: Chicken is in the oven

And it smells wonderful!  3.25 lb chicken for $10.50 to the grocery project. We buy our chickens in bulk directly from the farm so they are more expensive than grocery store chicken but over $1.00/pound less than pastured organic chickens from Whole Foods. They are more than your average “certified organic free-range” commerically-raised bird. When you decide to start eating clean meat, you really have to do your homework in order to know exactly what you’re buying. It’s why I prefer local sources of meat.  I know my chickens lived outside, were well cared-for, ate enormous quantities of grasshoppers and grass, and I know they were slaughtered humanely because I drove to the farm, met the couple who raised them, saw the kind of conditions the birds lived in, and saw for myself the abattoir where they met their end. Since I last bought this chicken near Austin, I’ve found a much closer source for pastured chickens and we’re picking up our order at the Farmer’s Market here in Abilene next Saturday.  We’ll stock the freezer and be set until fall when I pick up another order along with our holiday turkey.

This chicken will also feature prominently in the next couple of weeks here on Dryer Lint because I’m going to document the meals we get from this one chicken.  It’s on the small side, only 3.25 lbs, so if we get four meals from it, I’ll be happy.  Tonight’s menu is roasted chicken and herbed potatoes, roasted asparagus, green salad with spinach, baby greens, butter lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, red cabbage, and homemade ranch dressing. After we eat, I’ll pull the rest of the meat off the chicken and start a pot of water to make chicken stock from the bones and skin of the chicken.  That will be the base for another meal from this bird.


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