Grocery Project – Weekend Getaway

So…we went off last weekend to Dallas and the plan went out the window!  But we figured that would happen.  I tried to save my receipts but some got wet, some my husband forgot to save, blah blah blah.  But I went online and pulled off the totals we spent at various places and this is as close as I can get to what we actually spent.

Friday, June 12th

Jason’s Deli – dinner on the way out of town: $32.39

Saturday, June 13th

Denny’s – breakfast before Six Flags: $47.91

Six Flags – mass quantities of bottled water, Ben & Jerry’s for us all, and the most incredibly shitty amusement park lunch I’ve eaten in many years: $73.14

Hyatt Regency – dinner at the hotel restaurant: $59.75

Sunday, June 14th

Hyatt Regency – breakfast at the hotel cafe: $77.07

Whole Foods – chili powder and honey: $42.25

Ballpark @ Arlington – snocones, peanuts, pretzels, water, beer, etc: $43.50

On the Border – dinner on the way home: $60.80


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