Grocery Project – Rosa’s Lunch

6_12_09_DO, originally uploaded by compwalla2.

Hubby was in a rush this morning and didn’t pack his lunch so he called and asked if we wanted to go out for lunch. We let the big kid pick the place and he picked Rosa’s — he loves their nachos.

Hubby and I got beef fajitas, the big kid got his nachos and a fajita burrito. The platter as a whole was too much. They give you three tortillas, refried beans, rice, and a heap of sour cream but we eat had one tortilla, skipped the sour cream, and I think we did pretty well for a lunch out. There isn’t really anyplace where we can’t find something appropriate to eat, even Red Robin has wraps that fit into the plan with a little special ordering.

This weekend is going to be a challenge, though. We’re heading to Dallas with another family for a second attempt at Six Flags and a baseball game. Last time we went, our day at the amusement park was rained out and our baseball game was only slightly less soggy. Good choices at an amusement park and a baseball stadium are going to be hard to find but we’ll see how things go.


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