Grocery Project 6/6/09

This was a big shopping weekend. I hit all four of my normal grocery shopping stops.  It would have been three but HEB doesn’t carry the extra-fine sea salt or the Morton & Basset seasoning we like so I had to go down the street to United Market to pick up those two things. We’re not even close to being out of the Morton & Basset but so many years of military life has conditioned me to buy it when I see it lest I never see it again. Anyone who has shopped at a BX/PX overseas will understand what I mean!

And I think I overbought on berry mix.  It’s a great volumetric snack and my fruit bat son loves it so I bought a lot since we ran out early last week. But he went to his grandma’s for the weekend with my husband and our other son and has begged to stay a little longer which means he won’t be here to gobble up this berry mix like I anticipated. Can you get sick of eating blackberries?  We’ll see this week.  On to the receipts…

Total spent this weekend was $214.04 which is about what I usually spend per week on groceries. I pulled a chicken out of the freezer so I have to add $10.50 for a total of $224.54.


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