Robots are cool

I am listening to the roar of the Scooba as it diligently scrubs the tile in my hallway. I finally got around to ordering a new battery for it so it’s back at work after a year-long hiatus. I hate to mop and Scooba gets the tile white-sock clean. I’m still waiting on the laundry-bot to come out. I’d be all over that.


2 thoughts on “Robots are cool

  1. What type of scooba do you have? Does model matter? I’m detesting the mop two floors worth of house thing and I think I have Cody convinced I *need* one

  2. I have the 5800. I got it as a refurb on Woot. I don’t think the model matters that much as far as how well it cleans but the models differ in how large an area they can clean at once. I run mine in different areas on different days and break up the space that way plus I have an extra battery so the cleaning area isn’t as big a deal to me.

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