A light shopping weekend

Because the bulk of what we eat these days is produce, we have to make multiple trips a week to replenish the supply. Since the school year ended on Friday, it means the soon-to-be seventh grader with the voracious appetite and the nickname “Fruit Bat” will be eating all his meals at home now so we stocked up.

I have three huge batches of berry mix in the fridge which, if I’m lucky, will last until next week. Nicholas can eat obscene amounts of fruit which I never complain about.  He never whines for chips or soda but he will wrestle an alligator for some fruit salad. He’s been that way as long as I can remember and now that he’s getting to the bottomless pit stage of his life, I am going to personally keep Texas blackberry growers in business for the next few summers.

And now to the receipts:

Farmers Market Finds

Farmer's Market Finds

Commissary Finds

Commissary Finds

United Market

United Market


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