Where’s the Beef?

In two weeks, it will be at our house!  Just got off the phone with Cox Processing and we went over my cutting order which was a new experience for me but she was really helpful.  I did ask about the loin and we’re getting a whole tenderloin rather than t-bone steaks which we never eat anyhow. Altogether, we’ll be getting ~285 lbs of beef for a total of $1353.75 which works out to $4.75/lb.  It seems like a lot but for grass-fed beef, it’s very reasonable. The cheapest pre-packaged grass-fed beef I can find here is the $5/lb ground beef from Slowpoke Farms so buying this in bulk is already less expensive even for the hamburger.  Pre-packaged sirloins are $8/lb so we’re getting a bargain on all the cuts we’ll end up with.

Paying $4.75/lb for hamburger sounds expensive but you can’t compare the price of this meat to supermarket beef because it just isn’t the same. There is a world of difference between grain-fed meat and grass-finished beef that I think is worth paying for.  I’m just glad I’m going to paying a lot less for it than I used to.

Now I can chalk the total cost of  $1353.75 up to the grocery project.


2 thoughts on “Where’s the Beef?

  1. I would love to do this! but unfortunatly all I have is a fridge freezer. I don’t think half a cow would fit in that!

  2. The second thing we bought after we got married was a chest freezer. (The first thing was a queen-sized bed.) We’ve never been without one, even in the tiniest of military housing, because it is so useful and saves us so much money. You can get a 10 cubic foot chest freezer for under $500. When you find a good sale, you want to buy as much as possible and a freezer enabled us to do that over the years. We just replaced that original freezer this year – fourteen years after we bought it. It was probably the best investment we made with our newlywed dollars.

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