Grocery Project


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We’ve made huge changes over the past three years in what we buy and where we buy it. Since we went the last step of the way last month as far as eliminating most (but not ALL) processed foods, I thought it would be interesting to blog every grocery expenditure to see exactly where we’re spending our money and to see whether this way of shopping and eating is really that much more expensive than how we used to eat.

I mulled over how to log the meat purchases since, as a general rule, we do not purchase meat from the grocery. Since I have several chickens already in the freezer, when I take one out to use it, I’m going to blog that as a “purchase” from my freezer since the price of each chicken is clearly marked on the bag. We ordered a side of beef which is due to be slaughtered today and when we pick it up, I’m going to blog the expense in one lump sum, including the $300 deposit we paid last year.

We also buy a lot of produce from the Farmer’s Market and since I don’t get a receipt for that, I’m just going to make a list of what we bought and what we paid for it.

I’m also going to blog our dining out expenses just because the point of this project is to track what we’re spending on food and it wouldn’t be right to exclude the food we eat away from home.

With the preliminaries out of the way, here is the first receipt. There are two more today to catch up and then I’ll post the receipts as I shop.


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