The house still smells so good!

We had kind of an unusual Memorial Day barbecue yesterday.  Instead of burgers or dogs or steaks, we fried a turkey. My mother-in-law got a free turkey that she couldn’t use and gave it to us.  We fried one at Thanksgiving and raved about it to our friends who said they’d never had fried turkey so we invited them over for a turkey feast. We had a great time and turkey was delicious.

When we got done, I picked the bird and put the meat in the fridge and put everything left back into a huge stockpot to make turkey stock. It was a big bird, nearly 14 lbs, so it took a lot of water just to cover the carcass. That one bird ended up making 6 quarts of beautiful turkey stock. I can’t wait to use it. We’ve been eating a lot of soup and this turkey stock is going to make some delicious soup.  I’m also cooking a meal for Sunshine this week — the new parents are going to enjoy a turkey pot pie made with some of the turkey and turkey stock.

Thanks to my dear mother-in-law for the bird that was the start of so many delicious meals!


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