Humira, originally uploaded by Compwalla.

People love to complain about Tricare but *so far* they have been fairly easy to deal with. At least they haven’t been any harder to deal with than my civilian insurance was and in most cases, they have been easier. Getting the approval for Humira took less than two hours. For a medication that has an astronomical cost and a long-term commitment, I think that’s pretty awesome.
Every time someone tells me Tricare sucks, I’m going to link this.

The math:
Cost of Medication/Year
$1,809.99 * 26 = $47,059.74

What I actually pay:


2 thoughts on “Humira

  1. I am one person you will not hear complain about Tri-Care. They have been good to us and so very helpful when we have had billing issues with providers. I think most of the complainers have never had to deal with any other form of outside insurance. They have no idea how lucky we really are.


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