Putting the ‘gross’ in grocery

snot1, originally uploaded by Compwalla.

I stopped by the commissary on the way home today to pick up a few things. I zipped by this mostly empty display to get some paper plates and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary at first. Sure, the display is mostly empty but our commissary is under renovation so it’s pretty typical to see wide swaths of naked shelves because they are moving things from place to place.

Then something caught my eye. I looked at the display again and then gagged indelicately when I got a closer look at the baby. The baby is cute, make no mistake. Big brown eyes, cute baby face. But oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster. The baby in the picture is, in cowlike fashion, licking the SNOT off his own face with his TONGUE.

licking snot

licking snot

And this is supposed to make me want to buy stuff at the grocery??!! It makes me want to hurl is what it does.

Dear Designer of the Cold & Cough Relief Center,



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