Retro Halter-style apron

Retro Halter-style apron, originally uploaded by Compwalla.

This one was harder for me. I am trying to push my skills a little to get to the point where I can make a shirt I’d be willing to wear on a public street. The bodice on this is shaped with two pieces forming each side. It’s also lined and the double thickness of fabric and the top stitching give it a lot of shape on its own. When it was not attached to the skirt, it looked like a very festive bra. I’ve never sewn a fitted bodice like that so this was good practice for any future shirts on my project list.

The waistband is given body with some lightweight interfacing, another material I’ve never used. It sounded scary in the pattern but that was no big deal. It was really easy to work with. The waistband is also lined so the layers were hard to get through over the seams but it went well and it all came out nice and straight. the second time I did it.

The rufffles? The ruffles were hard. I don’t have a ruffler foot so I had to gather them using the basting stitches. Then I had to figure out how to sew them in place without squashing them all or pushing them out with the presser foot. The ruffles are not perfectly even but I don’t think it’s bad for my first attempt.

I need to try something with knits next and once I get that figured out, I think I’ll be ready to try my first actual shirt.

**Unrelated and Relatively Unimportant Message**

I added links to the tutorials I have posted at Instructables in the nav section on the right.  I know I could have recreated them in blog post format but the tools for creating tutorials at Instructables make it so much easier to post them there.


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