The Amazing Spiderman

The Amazing Spiderman, originally uploaded by Compwalla.

The UPS man rang the bell during dinner the other night. It was Dylan’s Halloween costume that his Gammy bought for him. He is obsessed with Spiderman lately and there was no other choice for Halloween except Spidey.

When we opened the box, he freaked and insisted we try it on right away. He ripped off his shoes and I zipped him into the suit. But that wasn’t enough. We had to put on the shoe covers, the gloves, the works. Pickle immediately morphed into The Amazing Spiderman right before our eyes, with spaghetti sauce still smeared on his face.

He climbed the walls, he jumped around, he punched invisible bad guys, and demanded that I take his picture. So I did. The pics didn’t come out as well as I would like but since he’s asked to wear the Spiderman suit every day after school, there will be plenty of time to improve on the pictures before Halloween.

Gammy also sent her grand-dog a matching Spiderman costume. As soon as we get him trained to tolerate the hat, I’ll post a picture of The Amazing Spiderdog.


One thought on “The Amazing Spiderman

  1. I have a 10 year old that went through the Spiderman phase. He lived in his costume…. all day and night. I would have to take it off of him when he was asleep, wash it and slip him gently back into it before he woke up. HAHA


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