I started quilting in 1999.  We were stationed at Lajes Field in the Azores so there wasn’t much to do.  It’s the sort of place where you have to make your own fun, especially in the winter when it’s rainy and windy much of the time.  I met a woman named Cindy Bose at the scrapbook group I started.  We met every other Saturday at the rec center.  I found she was also a quilter and told her I was really interested in learning how.  She ended up starting a quilt group on the opposite alternating Saturday as my scrapbooking group.

She taught me the basics of piecing, taught me how to foundation piece, and how to machine quilt and bind a quilt.  I don’t know if Cindy is still scrapbooking but I am still quilting. So wherever you are now, Cindy, thanks for getting me started.  🙂

My mom recently posted a flickr set of her quilts and it inspired me to do the same.

The first quilt I ever pieced was Forty-Two Cats.  It’s a combination of foundation pieced cat blocks that I found on the internet and in quilt books.  I had to redraw and scale a few of the blocks to make them all the same size. If I was making the quilt again today, I would have used fewer fabrics and a more consistent color plan but for a first quilt, I think it came out really nice.

This quilt is still a big part of our lives; it’s the one draped across the couch to snuggle under while we watch movies and until recently it was my youngest son’s favorite blanket.  He refused to go to bed without it.  One of the striped cats in this quilt was made in memory of our kitty Ozzie who died about a month before I made this quilt.  It’s our little reminder of him.

Forty-Two Cats


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