Is Provigil a controlled substance?

I was at the doctor recently and he was running behind. And not just a few minutes, either. TWO hours. As is my habit, I opened all the cabinets and drawers and had a good poke around the place. He didn’t have the kind of gloves I like and I am stocked up on gauze so I didn’t score anything useful. But in an unlocked cupboard he did have about 100 samples of a drug called Provigil which I found out later is a medication used to treat the drowsiness associated with narcolepsy, shift work, and sleep apnea.

He also had depakote which is used to treat bipolar disorder and a bunch of effexor. I was very surprised that he had all this stuff just jammed into the unlocked cabinet. I know the samples were free to him but he’s a family practitioner and it seemed unwise and unsafe to have such powerful medication just laying around. Swiping gloves is one thing; swiping drugs is a whole other ball of wax. I left them all there partly because I have no legitimate use for them and mostly because I fear arrest. I found out from the staff at his office that he is a good doctor but his office runs about as well as a one-legged dog so sloppy control of his samples did not surprise them.

Surely drug pushers are not permitted to leave samples of controlled substances. Right? But a drug that is prescribed to keep people awake and is labeled as potentially habit-forming is maybe not such a good thing to leave unsecured. And before anyone gives me shit about poking through his cupboards, I *could* have been looking for a fucking tissue. So save your sanctimonious bullshit for someone else, mmmkay?


5 thoughts on “Is Provigil a controlled substance?

  1. My DH is totally like that…he will steal pens, gauze, rubber gloves, tongue depressors (or whatever they’re called) just because he can and he feels he deserves it after waiting so long. LOL

  2. Unless things have changed…the drug reps cannot sample control substances. Doesn’t make it any better to have other Rx drugs lying around though.

  3. My last visit to my new Dr. was like that. The guy is always behind. I mean, my appointment was at 2:30 and I thought I scheduled it early enough to leave from there and head to work. I was supposed to be to work at 4pm. Ha! Not likely.

    I sat in the waiting room for 45+ minutes, then got to sit a bit closer to the actual exam rooms in the “sub waiting” room for another 30 minutes. Just as I was getting ready to reschedule my appointment I got moved to an exam room… where I sat for another 20+ minutes.

    Dr. Douche comes in and blabs to me about a local political race in which he’s gunning for the Republican candidate. Makes some disparaging remarks about my personal pick for president. Explains to me that my thyroid levels are still WAY funked up and that’s probably why I feel like shit. Prescribes me the same amt of thyroid meds that I’ve been on since I first started seeing him and tells me to come back in three months.

    My only regret is not loading my bag with at least enough tounge depressors and misc. shit to pay for my time. LOL.

  4. You are allowed to have samples of controlled substances. The law is that you have to keep them behind a door/drawer that locks.. not locked up. It is a loophole and as a nurse, yes it sucks to hear the stories sometimes. Sorry he doesnt have a better place for his meds.

  5. I would like to know what doctor you go to so I can see him as well!Lol! 🙂

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